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The Law Office of Shirley J. Boney is available to provide legal representation to adults, 18 or older, who have a juvenile criminal record they which to have sealed.  Importantly, juvenile criminal records are not automatically sealed once a person turns 18; or successfully completes their probationary period.  To have one's juvenile delinquency records sealed, a petition must be filed in court requesting the sealing of those records.  After the filing of a petition, a Hearing date will be placed on the Court's calendar wherein the Court will hear arguments as to why the records should be sealed, as well as arguments from the District Attorney's Office, the Department of Probation and any Law Enforcement Agency who wishes to argue against the sealing of the records.  The Court will issue an Order as to the sealing of the records only after hearing arguments from all parties of interest.

The Law Office of Shirley J. Boney offers a free initial consultation to those who wish to discuss the possibility of having their juvenile delinquency records sealed.  To arrange for your free initial consultation with Ms. Boney, call 559-312-6760 to speak directly with her. 

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