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Fresno Based    Serving California's Central Valley and Central Coast Communities

 Principal Chief Wilma P. Mankiller: "We are a revitalized tribe".
Respecting the past  •  Protecting the future

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Attorney Shirley J. Boney, a proud member of the Cherokee Nation, is a solo practitioner. Practice Overview

The Law Office of Shirley J. Boney, based in Fresno, CA, is available to represent clients throughout California's Central Valley and Central Coast communities, including those located in Fresno County, Kern County, Kings County, Madera
County, Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, San Luis Obispo County and Tulare County.

Ms. Boney provides aggressive, diligent representation to her clients.   A
s a solo practitioner, Defense Attorney Shirley J. Boney is able to offer the personal guidance and service that each client deserves.  Ms. Boney's approach to her practice is to establish with each client a professional relationship, akin to a partnership.  Her clients, and their legal matters, receive her personal attention.  In addition, to assure informed decision-making, Attorney Boney provides each client an honest assessment or evaluation of the legal issues involved; including available options and the likelihood of success should the case advance to trial.  In turn, each client is expected to partner with Ms. Boney as she aggressively defends their rights and pursues their best interest.

Call 559-312-6760, today, if you would like to speak directly with Attorney Shirley J. Boney about your legal matter.


The Law Office of Shirley J. Boney believes we must respect the past, and protect the future. 

Ms. Boney is an aggressive, diligent defense attorney; and a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation.  She has a passion for assisting Native American tribes, or tribal members, with legal issues.  Depending upon the nature of the particular legal issue involved, she may be available to assist you with your legal matter.  

If you seek legal representation from a lawyer who is dedicated to giving your legal matter the time and attention it deserves, please call the Law Office of Shirley J. Boney today at 559-312-6760 for a free initial consultation. 


Today the Cherokee Nation is nearly 300,000 citizens strong. To be eligible for Cherokee Nation citizenship, individuals must provide documents connecting them to an enrolled lineal ancestor who is listed on the Dawes Roll with a blood degree.  CDIB/Tribal Citizenship is traced through natural parents.  In cases of adoption, CDIB/Citizenship must be proven through a biological parent to an ancestor registered on the Dawes Roll.


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