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Attorney Shirley J. Boney, a proud member of the Cherokee Nation, is a solo practitioner:  Practice Overview

Ms. Boney provides aggressive, diligent representation to her clients.  T
he Attorney to whom you entrust your important legal matters should not only be experienced, but also personally attentive and responsive to your ongoing inquiries concerning your legal matters.  In that regard, as a solo practitioner, Ms. Boney is able to offer the personal guidance and service that each client deserves. 

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Advance Health Care Directives  •  Wills  •  Durable Powers of Attorney

Under California state law, you have a right to express your health care wishes and to have them considered in situations when you are unable to make those decisions yourself.  While state law requires certain provisions to appear in your Advance Health Care Directive, there is no single form in use to document your wishes.

Importantly, when it comes to an Advance Health Care Directive, 'one size does not fit all'.  But a carefully drafted Health Care Directive can ensure the quality of life that is important to you; and it can spare your family the "guess work" of trying to figure out your wishes at a critical, stressful time.    

If it is important to you to let your physician, family and friends know of your wishes should you be unable to make them when the decisions must be made, you can accomplished this goal through an Advance Health Care Directive, or "Living Will".  Prior to executing a Heath Care Directive, it is recommended you discuss the matter with an attorney who can assist you in setting forth your health care preferences regarding various types of special treatment you want, or don't want at the end of life; your desires for diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and organ donation.  Importantly, while your physician may be helpful in dicussing the medical procedures potentiall at issue, he or she cannot offer advice as to the legal issues involved in the drafting of your Health Care Directive.  Moreover, your physician would rely on a standard form which may or may not be the best 'fit' for you.  When it comes to these important decisions in life, it is recommended a personalized directive be drafted for you, rather than relying on a standard form wherein the focus is primarily the protection of  physicians and hospitals.  

If you are uncertain about your wishes or are uncomfortable drafting a health care directive, you may wish to consider empowering someone you trust to make those decisions for you in the event it becomes necessary to make them and you are unable to do it.  This may be accomplished through the execution of a Durable Power of Attorney.  

If you would like to speak with Attorney Shirley J. Boney regarding the drafting of a health care directive, or a Durable Power of Attorney, you may call 559-312-6760 and arrange for a free initial consultation.   

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