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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy provides for a "fresh start" through the liquidation of Debtor assets.  It is designed to provide debt relief by completely eliminate Debtor's unsecured debts, such as credit card debt and medical bills.  Often times, a welcomed relief is experienced almost immediately after the filing of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition when the protections of the Automatic Stay halts further attempts to collect upon the debts.  Additionally, Chapter 7 exemptions may help you keep some of your valued possessions.

In order to qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you must pass the "means test".   This is a test which looks at your income and your debts to determine your true need. 

Upon the filing of a Bankruptcy Petition, the Bankruptcy Court will appoint a Trustee who will be responsible for liquidating your non-exempt assets into cash; and for distributing the proceeds to your creditors according to rules contained in the Bankruptcy Code.  Where there are no assets, after the setting aside of exempt assets, there will be no cash to distribute to creditors.  Absent objections to dischargeability from creditors, the debtor is then discharged from liability for most unsecured debts.

Debts which are non-dischargeable include, but are not limited to the following:  

  • Most taxes; and debts incurred to pay non-dischargeble taxes
  • Student loan debt; UNLESS a qualifying hardship can be demonstrated 
  • Support obligations
  • Fines, penalties, forfeitures and criminal obligations debts
  • Debts resulting from personal injury or death inflicted while DUI
  • Debts which were not properly listed 
  • Debts reaffirmed by debtor 
  • Debts to certain retirement plans
  • Debts not discharged by the bankruptcy court
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is probably one of the fastest forms of debt relief. The general timeline for a Chapter 7 "No Asset" bankruptcy is 90 days.  While potentially a rather quick path to debt relief, it is important to understand that there are many steps and stages in the Bankruptcy proceeding; each with a deadline.  A missed deadline can result in your Bankruptcy Petition being dismissed without the debt relief you had hoped to obtain. 

By way of example, before a Bankruptcy Petition can be filed, the Debtor must complete a Credit Counseling Course.  Then, upon the filing of the Bankruptcy Petition, the court will generate a "341 Meeting of Creditors".  This meeting generally occurs within 30 days from the date the Petition was filed.  It is a mandatory meeting which is overseen by the Bankruptcy Trustee.  After the 341 Meeting, the Debtor is required to complete a Financial Education Course within a certain time period.  It is important to complete the Financial Education Course no more than 30 days after the 341 meeting in order to meet the subsequent filing deadline.  If the subsequent filing deadline is missed, the Bankruptcy Petition will be dismissed and the case closed without a discharge of debt. 

If the Bankruptcy Trustee determines the case to be a "No Asset" case, a Report of No Distribution will be filed with the Court.  Then, once the deadline for objection to dischargeability has expired, the court will issue an Order of discharge and final decree. The case is then closed.

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