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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy  •  Employment Law  •  Criminal Defense  •  Juvenile Delinquency
Native American Law  •  Advance Health Care Directives  •  Durable Powers of Attorney

Fresno Attorney Shirley J. Boney, Esq.  •  Experience Upon Which You Can Trust

Aggressive Legal Representation Throughout California's Central Valley and Central Coast Communities
"Each time a man ... acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope."  - Robert F. Kennedy

Osiyo! – Welcome To Our Introductory Overview Of The Law Office of Shirley J. Boney: 

The Law Office of Shirley J. Boney, based in Fresno, CA, is available to represent clients throughout California's
Central Valley and Central Coast communities, including those located in Fresno County, Kern County (Bakersfield), Kings
County, Madera County, Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, San Luis Obispo County and Tulare County (Visalia).

Ms. Boney
provides aggressive, diligent and attentive representation to her clients.  The focus of her law practice includes legal issues in the areas of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; Criminal Law Defense; Juvenile Court Defense; Native American Law; Employment Law; and the drafting of Advance Health Care Directives ("Living Will") and Durable Powers of Attorney.

Ultimately, the Attorney to whom you entrust your important legal matter should be both experienced and personally attentive, as well as responsive to your ongoing inquiries concerning your legal matter.  Importantly, regardless of the particular legal area involved, selecting such an attorney is an important first step toward marshaling a "tiny ripple of hope" into a wave of strong currents in support of your legal objective.   

As a solo practitioner, Ms. Boney is able to offer that level of personal guidance and service clients generally seek; and all clients deserve.  Ms. Boney's approach to her practice is to establish with each client a professional relationship, akin to a partnership.  Her clients, and their legal matters, receive her personal attention.  In additional,  to ensure informed client decision-making, Ms. Boney provides each client an honest assessment or evaluation of the legal issues involved; available options; and the likelihood of success should the case advance to trial.  In turn, each client is expected to partner with Ms. Boney as she aggressively (as needed) defends their rights
and pursues their best interest.

Ms. Boney offers reasonable retainer fees and hourly rates.  If you would like to speak directly with Ms. Boney, you may call her at 559-312-6760 and arrange for a free initial consultation to discuss with her your legal matter of concern. 

Following below you will find a brief overview of the legal areas of representation in which the Fresno Law Office of Shirley J. Boney may be available for representation of your legal matter.  Links are provided within each brief overview which will take you to a page offering additional information with respect to that particular area of representation.  If you would like additional information, please contact the Fresno Law Office of Shirley J. Boney.  Contact information is provided below.  


The Law Office of Shirley J. Boney vigorously defends the rights of her individual clients during the course of her representation of both adults and juveniles facing criminal prosecution.  The scope of her representation includes a wide variety of criminal law offenses, ranging from relatively minor misdemeanors to serious and violent felonies, including strike offenses. 

age for additional information.

you are facing criminal charges and wish to protect your legal rights throughout the criminal
prosecution against you, it is very important to advance an strong, early defense.  Call 559-312-6760 to speak directly with Ms. Boney to arrange a free initial consultation wherein you may discuss with her the allegations against you.  


Please visit our FRESNO JUVENILE DEFENSE page for information related to the Juvenile Justice System.  While the page is currently being updated with information, the Law Office of Shirley J. Boney is available to provide legal representation to children who are facing charges in Juvenile Court, or the Adult Criminal Courts.  It is important to launch a stong, early defense when facing criminal allegations rather than "waiting to see how things go".  To speak directly with Ms. Boney about the allegations made against your child, call 559-312-6760 to arrange a free initial consultation.


Our mission at the Law Office of Shirley J. Boney is to assist those going through a difficult period of time in their lives to regain control over their financial situation.  Please visit our FRESNO BANKRUPTCY page to review information concerning the filing of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition.  You may also call 559-312-6760 to speak directly with Mr. Boney to arrange an initial free consultation. 


At the Law Office of Shirley J. Boney, our mission is to provide employers with quality legal support and counsel focused on methods of preventing costly employment related litigation; as well as aggressively defending our clients in legal disputes.  Please visit our FRESNO EMPLOYMENT LAW page to review the scope of services we offer.  
If you would like to speak with Ms. Boney about your employment law matter, please call 559-312-6760 .


Under California state law, you have a right to express your health care wishes and to have them considered in situations when you are unable to make those decisions yourself.  Please visit our FRESNO HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVE AND DURABLE POWERS OF ATTORNEY page to review your options in this regard.

If you would like to speak with Attorney Shirley J. Boney regarding the drafting of a health care directive, or a Durable Power of Attorney, you may call 559-312-6760 and arrange for a free initial consultation.


The Law Office of Shirley J. Boney believes we must respect the past, and protect the future; always.

Ms. Boney is an aggressive, diligent defense attorney; and a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation.  She has a passion for assisting Native American tribes, or tribal members, with their legal issues.  Depending upon the nature of the particular legal issue involved, she may be available to assist you with your legal matter.   Please visit our 
FRESNO NATIVE AMERICAN LAW page for additional information. 

If you seek legal representation from a lawyer who is dedicated to giving your legal matter the time and attention it deserves, please call the Law Office of Shirley J. Boney today at 559-312-6760 for a free initial consultation.

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